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Exploring a sonic vision that mixes the melodies and hooks of yesterday with the textures and tones of today, Abacus Rings serves up a unique melodic cocktail blended under the influences of pop, folk, and indie rock.

Their debut album, "Spout", charted on NACC (North American College & Community Radio), and their follow-up album, "Going Places" is launching November 2022.

Parts of their albums were tracked at Ugly Duck and Q Division in Boston, and engineered by Matt Tahaney (Jimmy Eat World, Franz Ferdinand) and James Bridges (Juliana Hatfield, Fall Out Boy).

Their music has been described as "bright and vibrant indie-rock" by Mystic Sons, "a great jam" by Surviving the Golden Age, "vibrant and genre-bending", by Indie Buddy, and "[pulling] you in from the first note" by Essentially Pop.


Based in Boston, MA, the foursome - Michael Ringel on guitars and vocals, Carolyn Ringel on keys and vocals, Douglas “DJ” Johnson on bass, and Bill Kane on drums – are a local “after work” band, drawing inspiration from a personal history that includes time spent as a field biologist in the Amazon, a pastry chef at the Charles Hotel, legal counsel for the state Senate Oversight Committee, and a camper among the Himba people of Namibia. Occasionally, you can pick up hints of these influences in their music. Other times, not so much.


Abacus Rings crafts indie pop with an intelligent, melodic core. Now all you need to do is roll down the windows and press play.

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